May 18,2012

Dr. Yuming Morris Chen shared his experience with Wilmad-LabGlass


    Dr. Yuming Morris Chen, a former graduate researcher at Duke University, shared his successful experience with Wilmad-LabGlass. 

    Dr Chen’s research was focusing on the theory of intermolecular multiple quantum coherences and the applications in MRI. As happens in many NMR research facilities, Dr. Chen did not realize that the Rf coil insert (Suprasil cover separates coils and sample tube) was broken until his colleague discovered debris of the broken piece. It is an unpleasant experience to every NMR user considering the high price tag to repair a probe, not to mention other hidden costs including machine down-time, delay in research projects and frustration in research momentum. Wilmad-LabGlass, well known for its precision bore glass capability, helped Dr. Chen on the repair based on its large database of various probe inserts.  A match was quickly found and the replacement shipped within a few days. Dr. Chen and his colleague installed the new part in house. The cost was significantly reduced and even more waiting time saved. 

    The recent research result of Dr. Chen and his former colleagues was just highlighted here on the Physics Update section of Physics Today (American Physical Society).

Dr Chen Physics Today 

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