May 15,2013

Contamination Free Test Done on Wilmad-LabGlass 803A Pipette

Freedom from any trace of substance is a must for sample container in analytical chemistry. Adequate assurance of cleanness can only be achieved by proper control of the primary materials used and their subsequent processing and storage.


Wilmad-LabGlass understands the importance of this requirement and developed a sophisticated automation procedure through heating, iron free water filtration, and nitrogen drying in a closed environment to make sure that our NMR tube is meeting this requirement. Now we are applying the same production procedure on 803A glass pipette.


Below is the spectrum for a water sample ran on one Bruker 850 MHz spectrometer with 128 scans. The sample was prepared by pulling D2O from an ampoule and squirting it back into the ampoule 4 times with the 803A glass pipette prior to transfer to a Wilmad NMR tube. The bottom spectrum is a 64 fold expansion of the vertical full scale spectrum on top.


Wilmad 803A Glass Pipette