December 19,2013

Wilmad-LabGlass Installed Extreme High Vacuum System

     Reimagined from every angle, the liquid nitrogen dewar used in analytical chemistry instruments should minimize liquid nitrogen bubbling, reduce its evaporation rate and cost less energy to make.
     Innovation and improvements come courtesy of Wilmad-LabGlass. With the commissioning of next generation extreme high vacuum system (XHV) in the plant, Wilmad-LabGlass improved its capabilities and capacity to manufacture our liquid nitrogen dewar, variable temperature dewar and dewar transfer line with a much improved ultra high vacuum jacket below 10-7 torr. This new system is also extremely environmentally friendly with a power consumption at merely 200 W.

     Providing scientists in basic research with a better tool is in line with Wilmad-LabGlass's philosophy of 'Committed to Product Excellence'. In the year of 2014, Wilmad-LabGlass promises to make exceeding expectations and product performance as effortless as ever.


 Vacuum System 1  vacuum system 2