January 29,2014

New Decoration and Packaging

    As the New Year begins Wilmad-LabGlass is excited to announce new 5-tube Packages and Silkscreen Decorations for Wilmad brand NMR tubes.
    The 5-tube Packages are User-Friendly and Eco-Friendly. They are designed to protect the NMR tubes inside for life-long use in a contamination-free environment. These packages provide a clean, convenient and attractive place for scientists to store NMR tubes. The material is premium paperboard produced from bleached virgin fiber and 100% recyclable. The ink is also eco-friendly and passed all environmental regulations, including SARA Title III, Sections 311, 312 and 313, Clean Air Act (CAA) Hazardous Air Contaminants Rule and California Proposition 65.
2014 package
     The Silkscreen Decoration is information-rich.  It provides a spot using special paint so scientists can easily mark on it with pencil. Besides the marking spot, the following information is permanently printed to readily identify the grade of the NMR tube for proper application:

1. The Wilmad series part number
2. The product category. Economy (abbreviated as ECON) or Precision (abbreviated as PREC)
3. The MHz rating 

2014 silkscreen decoration

     By combining innovation and style on Wilmad brand NMR tubes, Wilmad-LabGlass continues its commitment to product excellence in 2014.