December 30,2014

2016 High Throughput NMR Tube Package

     When handling Wilmad High Throughput NMR tubes in bulk pack, be sure to take proper precautions.  NMR tubes are fragile in nature and pre-cleaned to guarantee zero background signal.


    For best results avoid shaking the package and wear gloves to prevent direct hand to tube contact.


  • (A) Remove the QC Pass sticker on the opening of the inner tray and place box on a flat surface 
     Bulk Pack Box 
  • (B) Pull out the inner tray  
     Box Instruction 2 
  • (C) Remove the bag of caps and the insert protecting the NMR tubes  
     open box instruction 3 
  • (D) Place caps back in the tray 
  • (E) Recycle the outer box and protective insert 
  • (F) Tubes and caps are now conveniently stored and ready for use  
     open box instruction 4