Bearing/Holder; Paddle Blades

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BP-3411-010 Bearing Holder,Paddle,125mL $27.69
BP-3411-011 Bearing Holder,Paddle,250mL $27.53
BP-3411-012 Bearing Holder,Paddle,500mL $36.73
BP-3411-013 Bearing Holder,Paddle,1000mL $39.29
BP-3411-014 Bearing Holder,Paddle,3000mL $70.21
BP-3411-015 Bearing Holder,Paddle,6000mL $92.19
BP-3411-016 Bearing Holder,Paddle,8000mL $111.76
BP-3411-017 Bearing Holder,Paddle,15000mL $130.28
BP-3411-018 Bearing Holder,Paddle,36000mL $163.23
BP-3411-020 Paddle Blade,125mL $29.92
BP-3411-021 Paddle Blade,250mL $29.50
BP-3411-022 Paddle Blade,500mL $31.20
BP-3411-023 Paddle Blade,1000mL $49.37
BP-3411-024 Paddle Blade,3000mL $52.96
BP-3411-025 Paddle Blade,6000mL $54.16
BP-3411-026 Paddle Blade,8000mL $61.62
BP-3411-027 Paddle Blade,15000mL $71.56
BP-3411-028 Paddle Blade,36000mL $90.38

Center Caps, Liners & Nuts

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BP-3412-011 70mm Orange Screw Cap,GF-PBT,W/ICF $54.52
BP-3412-015 70mm Red Silicone Cap Liner w/Center Hole $19.05
BP-3412-017 70mm Orange Screw Cap,GF-PBT,w/Silicone Liner $31.21
BP-3413-011 100mm Orange Screw Cap,GF-PBT,W/ICF $77.42
BP-3413-015 100mm Red Silicone Cap Liner w/Center Hole $24.31
BP-3413-018 100mm Orange Screw Cap,GF-PBT,w/Silicone Liner $34.49
BP-3413-9039 1/4" Ultem Retaining Nut, 125mL-1L Flasks $25.77
BP-3413-9040 5/16" Ultem Retaining Nut,3L-36L Flasks $25.77
BP-3513-015 120mm Red Silicone Cap Liner w/Center Hole $26.96
BP-3513-018 120mm Orange Screw Cap,GF-PBT,w/Silicone Liner CALL
BP-3516-011 120mm Orange Screw Cap,GF-PBT,W/ICF CALL
BP-3612-010 140mm Lower Plate Cap $193.46
BP-3612-020 140mm Upper Plate Cap $123.23
BP-3612-030 Actuating Ring Seal for 140mm Cap $52.34
BP-3612-050 Actuating Retaining Ring Washer for 140mm Cap $7.05
BP-3612-060 Viton Actuating Retaining O-Ring Washer for 140mm Cap $4.48
BP-3612-070 Compression Sealing Gasket for 140mm Cap $17.07
BP-3802-004 1/8" Noryl Nut w/Integrated Ferrule $17.31
BP-3803-004 1/4" Noryl Nut w/Integrated Ferrule $17.31
BP-3812-004 12mm Noryl Nut $21.30
BP-3847-008 1/8" Delrin Plug $25.58
BP-3852-008 1/4" Delrin Plug $27.28
BP-3857-008 1/2" - 12mm Delrin Plug $30.30

Impeller Shafts; Polysulfone, Glass & SST

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BP-3411-170 Polysulfone Shaft and Washers,125-250mL Flasks $12.81
BP-3411-172 Polysulfone Shaft and Washers,500mL Flasks $16.99
BP-3411-173 Polysulfone Shaft and Washers,1L Flasks $18.11
BP-3411-174 Glass Impeller Shaft,3000mL Flasks $18.15
BP-3411-175 Glass Impeller Shaft,6000mL Flasks $28.48
BP-3411-176 Glass Impeller Shaft,8L - 36L Flasks $37.81
BP-3411-177 Glass Impeller Shaft,15000mL Flasks $40.94
BP-3611-083 1L SST Impeller Shaft $63.40
BP-3611-084 3L SST Impeller Shaft $79.94
BP-3611-085 6L SST Impeller Shaft $83.42
BP-3611-086 8L SST Impeller Shaft $97.48
BP-3611-087 15L SST Impeller Shaft $114.49
BP-3611-088 36L SST Impeller Shaft $130.74

PET Inserts, SST Tubes, Caps, O-Rings etc.

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BP-3802-001 45mm PET Insert, Single 1/8" Inlet $43.23
BP-3802-002 #026 Viton O-Ring Sealing Insert $2.62
BP-3802-003 45mm Orange Sidearm Securing Cap $14.00
BP-3802-006 10um Mesh SST Sparging Filter,Complete $65.07
BP-3802-007 316 SST 1/8x18" Straight Tube; 8-15L Flasks $58.04
BP-3803-001 45mm PET Insert, Single 1/4" Inlet $43.53
BP-3803-007 316 SST 1/4"x18" Straight Tube; 8-15L Flasks (1/4"-28 Thread) $102.13
BP-3807-001 45mm PET Insert for 50mm Filter $70.34
BP-3807-004 50mm PTFE Filter, 2um, Double NPT $27.71
BP-3812-001 45mm PET Insert for 12mm Probes $70.34
BP-3812-005 Viton #112 O-Ring for 12mm Compression Fitting $1.98
BP-3822-001 45mm PET Insert, Dual 1/8" Inlet $70.34
BP-3822-007 316 SST 1/8x21" Straight Tube; 36L Flasks $74.60
BP-3827-001 45mm PET Insert, Dual 1/4" Inlet $70.34
BP-3827-007 316 SST 1/4x21" Straight Tube;36L Flasks $91.75
BP-3832-001 45mm PET Insert, Combo 1/4" and 1/8" Inlet $80.75
BP-3832-002 45mm PET Insert, Triple 1/8" Inlet $82.94
C-1395-32LTC Low Temperature Cap GL32 Orange for 50mL Bottle 20/CA $57.89
C-1395-45LTC Orange PP Cap GL45 20/CA $66.67
C-1395-45LTR 45mm Low Temp Ring, 50/CA $61.72

Washers, Retaining Sleeves, Magnets & Plugs

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BP-3411-030 Thrust Washer, 1/4",125mL-1L $2.86
BP-3411-031 Thrust Washer, 5/16",3L-36L $4.91
BP-3411-050 Retaining Sleeve, Paddle,125-500mL $15.62
BP-3411-053 Retaining Sleeve, Paddle,1000mL $17.78
BP-3411-055 Retaining Sleeve, Paddle,3L-8L $24.72
BP-3411-057 Retaining Sleeve, Paddle,15L-36L $35.24
BP-3411-060 PTFE Encapsulated Magnet, 125mL Flask $16.63
BP-3411-061 PTFE Encapsulated Magnet,1L Flask $17.93
BP-3411-062 PTFE Encapsulated Magnet,3L-15L Flask $44.97
BP-3411-063 PTFE Encapsulated Magnet, 36L Flask $79.09
BP-3411-068 PTFE Encapsulated Magnet,250-500mL Flask $8.89
BP-3411-090 Silicone Sealing Plug, 125mL-1L Flasks $4.56
BP-3411-095 Silicone Sealing Plug,3L-36L Flasks $6.60