LG-10535 Thermometer, Extended Stem, Deep Immersion, Non-Mercury

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LG-10535-104 Thermometer,-20 TO 150C,355mm $36.76
LG-10535-106 Thermometer,-10 TO 250C,430mm $40.22
LG-10535-108 Thermometer,-100 TO 50C,385mm $50.48
LG-10535-110 Thermometer,-50 TO 50C,385mm $39.84
LG-10535-112 Thermometer,-20 TO 150C,385mm $34.01
LG-10535-122 Thermometer,-10 TO 250C,535mm $42.94
LG-10535-124 Thermometer,-100 TO 50C,535mm $55.54
LG-10535-126 Thermometer,-50 TO 50C,535mm $46.24
LG-10535-128 Thermometer,-20 TO 150C,535mm $43.39
LG-10535-130 Thermometer,-10 TO 250C,610mm $47.88