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PTFE Holder
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529-B $38.92  

•Sample volume can be as little as 18 µL.

•3 different inserts with various shapes (Spherical Bulb, Capillary Tube and Cylindrical Bulb)

•Outer tube (Precision Thin Walled) must be ordered separately depending on magnetic field strength.

•Not recommended for variable temperature experiments.

•Use our PTFE Needles (#90630) with syringes to fill and clean sample.

Description: PTFE Holder for 5 mm Thin Wall NMR Tube
Height (mm): 25
Use with: 529-C Kel-f Rod, or WG-504 Stainless Steel Rod
Bottom Hole ID (mm): 1.5
Cylindrical microcells can be customized in lengths to match your probe Note: Positioning rod should be removed prior to recording the spectrum.

Technical Tip: To improve the shimming quality and signal lock, surround the microcell with reference solvent to reduce the susceptibility differences between the inner and outer compartments of the assembly.

Resonance Report: For detailed explanations of the application of Coaxial Inserts and Microsampling see Resonance Report NMR-007 and NMR-008