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4 mm NMR Tip-Off Manifold
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552-4 $121.67  
If you struggle preparing NMR/EPR samples of air-sensitive mixtures, there is a simpler way! Use our NMR/EPR Tube Tip-off Manifold. You'll find vacuum transfers, freeze-pump-thaws and sample sealing easy to complete. Fuse the manifold port quickly to your vacuum rack. The chemical resistance is excellent, only Viton®, PTFE and Pyrex®come in contact with your sample. Tube connects to a threaded aluminum bushing isolated from the vacuum by a PTFE high-vacuum rotary valve. A twist of the wrist opens and closes both the rotary valve and port bushing.

Description: Complete Tip-off
Fits Tube with O.D. (mm): 4.0

Due to the nature of glass, Extreme Caution should be exercised when using at elevated or reduced pressures since a tiny scratch on the glass surface would significantly lower the tensile strength. Adequate safety shielding should always be used when working in these conditions.