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4 mm Thin Wall Graded Seal Quartz EPR Sample Tube 203 mm OAL
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707-GRD-203M $63.48  

Need to seal an EPR tube to your vacuum rack?

Some EPR samples are air-sensitive. Since oxygen is paramagnetic, many EPR samples are best studied after degassing. For long-term storage, no other closure is better, but most vacuum racks incorporate Pyrex® components. Sealing quartz to Pyrex® is a problem, unless you use sample tubes that incorporate a graded seal. Order Wilmad's Graded Seal/Constricted EPR Tubes, available in a variety of sizes. Other configurations can be prepared, so if you don't see the size you need, contact us about price and availabiility.

Quartz tube length (mm): 178
O.D. (mm): 4.0
I.D. (mm): 3.0

Save Time Heat-Sealing EPR Samples!
Heat-sealing quartz tubes is difficult enough so we've provided an easier way. By ordering our constricted tube you'll seal EPR tubes more quickly, with less effort. Choose your tube, add the suffix "CONS" to the product number and remember to order 1 inch longer than required.