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5 mm Thin Wall Precision Suprasil EPR Quick Pressure/Vacuum Tube 8" Bottom Length
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722-QPV-7 $325.58  
Wilmad Quick Pressure Valve Sample Tubes are specially designed to simplify the work of NMR/EPR studies for catalysis, gas-liquid phase reactions, air sensitive samples and elevated temperature studies using low boiling point solvents.

Due to the nature of glass, Extreme Caution should be exercised when using at elevated or reduced pressures as performance of tubes under pressure or vacuum cannot be guaranteed. Adequate safety shielding should always be used when working in these conditions..

Wilmad Quick Pressure Valve Sample Tube Instruction

The upper portion of the Quick Pressure Valve (QPV) is ready to accept 1/16” PTFE tubing. To make a connection, unscrew the top nut and ferrule from the top threaded port, and slide them onto the 1/16" tubing. Please make sure that the end of the tubing extends past the end of the ferrule. Screw the assembly back until its finger tight.  The Quick Pressure Valve could also be connected to 1/8" tubing through optional adapters.

The following picture depicts the basic connection to 1/16" tubing and optional connection to 1/8" tubing: 

QPV Connection

If connecting the QPV valve to an existing glass vacuum manifold through a rubber hose is needed, please refer to the picture below for parts:

 QPV Valve Connect
to Vacuum Hose

After assembly

Valve Assembled to Vacuum Hose

O.D. (mm): 4.970±0.013
I.D. (mm): 4.200±0.013
Bottom Tube Length (inch): 8
Wall Thickness (mm): 0.38
Recommended Max. Pressure: 200