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O-Ring for Spinner B-PEEK-5/Uni-Finger, Red Viton
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B-PEEK-5-O-RING $4.05  
  • Causes less probe insert damage by better insert sample control.
  • Tachometer strip now with foil protection for improved life span.
  • Longer upper barrel stabilizer easily identified by 3mm yellow band.
  • Variable temperature operation from -150°C to +200°C.
  • Can be mixed with originals during sample changer operation.
  • Weight compatible with room temperature spinners.
  • Susceptibility matched to the originals.
  • Far less likely to break as compared with ceramic spinners if dropped on a hard surface, and more economical.
  • Long life high temperature o-rings at top and bottom.

Application Temperature:
Description: Spare O-Ring for Spinner B-PEEK-5 and UNI-FINGER
The Mass Multiplier Ring is not included and can be purchased separately