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Volumetric Pipet 25mL 12/CA
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C-7102-25 $254.93  

These pipets were designed primarily for schools and laboratories where the Class A tolerance of No. 7100 is not required. They are constructed to the same wall thickness and length as our No. 7100, but have larger tip openings for faster delivery. It is primarily due to this faster delivery that accuracy tolerances are twice those specified for Class A volumetric ware.

Sizes 0.5mL through 25mL are color-coded.

Reference: ASTM E-969.

Color Code: Blue
Capac. mL: 25.0
Tol. ± mL: .06
Approx. Length mm: 460

*New design allows more complete and efficient drainage.

Do not pipet by mouth. We suggest using a mechanical pipetting device.