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Viton O-Rings 1/2 inch ID 10/CA
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Innovative modular Pyrex® brand One-Step™ continuous liquid/liquid extractor/concentrator
performs both extraction and concentration with the same apparatus. At the end of the extraction, simply
close the valve and begin concentration. Designed to meet E.P.A. test method requirements outlined
by SW-846, RCRA, and CLP. For use with solvents of heavier specific gravity than sample liquid
being extracted. Automatic solvent recovery built into system. Extraction and concentration steps
can be performed outside the hood.1 Allows for use of same solvent for both basic and acidic
extractions. Removable Snyder column sidearm and valved crossover tube reduce chance of cross-contamination
by allowing easy, thorough cleaning. No apparatus change between extraction and concentration. Reduces
sample handling and overall technician time required to perform procedures. Parts are interchangeable
with heavier than water Pyrex® brand modular continuous liquid/liquid extractors. Slightly taller
design allows for longer solvent residence time.

1 As dictated by safe laboratory practices, we recommend that some type of
ventilation system be used above or near the units in case of a drop in condenser water temperature or
loss of condenser cold water supply.

Description: Viton® O-Rings,1/2" ID,11/16" OD,3/32" Width, =70 Durometer
C-3928-M 3922-MCTO C-3928-M 3922-MCTO

A Kuderna Danish Concentrator Tube is also required:
2157-TO Kuderna Danish Concentrator
2158-TO Kuderna Danish Concentrator Tube (See PP 81-82)
Viton® is a registered trademark of E.I. Dupont Co., Wilmington, DE.')