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Gas-Tight (LPV) 5mm Shigemi Tube Set, 15mm Bottom, CDCl3, Agilent
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CMS-005V-LPV $301.19  
Save precious air-sensitive samples without sacrificing shimming quality! Introducing our Low Pressure/Vacuum Shigemi Tube for Bruker, Agilent (Varian) and JEOL Spectrometers. Standard full sets include one outer tube and one inner insert. Gas-Tight sets include one outer tube fused with a complete LPV valve, one inner insert with detachable PTFE Holder (529-B) and one Positioning rod (529-C). We offer the popular 5mm (4.965) version; contact us for 10mm pricing.  

Gas-Tight Set
5mm (4.965) OD Standard and Gas-Tight Shigemi® Tubes

Bottom Length (mm): 15
Matched Solvent: Chloroform-d
Compatible with: Agilent® (formerly Varian®)

*LPV Tubes consist of 3 parts - 5 mm Pyrex® vacuum adapter, 5 mm PTFE vacuum lock valve and piston assembly and an NMR tube with the threaded glass section sealed on; also known as the spare tube.
For Spare Tube orders the original LPV part number must be specified; i.e. 528-LPV-7 as "X" denotes the style (528) and length (7").
Important Note:Product numbers that include "PQ" belong to our Precision Tube Family with an OD and ID tolerance of 0.013 mm. Those with "SQ" are not Precision and their OD and ID may vary as much as 0.4 mm. For EPR experiments that must estimate electron spin density and/or produce highly repeatable signal amplitude between different runs we strongly recommend our Precision EPR Tube.

Due to the nature of glass, Extreme Caution should be exercised when using at elevated or reduced pressures since a tiny scratch on the glass surface would significantly lower the tensile strength. Adequate safety shielding should always be used when working in these conditions.