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McCarter Sublimer Head 200mL
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LG-10433-146 $1,745.14  

Designed for subliming high boiling or heat sensitive compounds. In operation, sublimate collects on the inner surface of an open bottom, jacketed, inverted cone. Product is easily recovered and there is little chance for sublimate to form on the outer wall. Apparatus consists of a kettle, a head containing the cone, and an adapter to connect to vacuum source. When assembled, the cone is approximately 25mm from the bottom of the kettle. Both kettle and head have flanges which are grooved for an O-ring. Complete apparatus consists of kettle, head, adapter LG-1701-102 , horseshoe-shaped clamp and Viton® O-ring.

Supplied: Head Only
Approx. Capacity up to Cone Bottom mL: 200
Approx. Outside Diameter of Kettle: 4 1/2"
Stopcock Bore mm: 6
O-Ring Size (LG-1022): 348
Clamp Size (see LG-7316): 4 1/2"