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Maxi-Cool Midsize Recirculating Chillers
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For use with vessels up yo 20 Liters. Supplied with digital control unit RS-232.

Heat Removal (watts/BTUs): +20°C:3800/12970, +10°C:3000/10240, 0°C:2000/6825, -10°C:1250/4260, -15°C:700/2390
Temperature Range: -15° to +35°C
Reservoir: 4 liters
Compressor: 1 hp
Controls: Digital/RS-232
Control Stability: ±0.1°C (process dependent)
Pump: Centrifugal: 4gpm @ 10PSI
Dimensions (WxDxH): 18x24x38in, 45.7x61x96.5cm
Weight: 250lbs, 113kg
Electrical: 208-230V/60Hz/11A