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Ultra-Low Temperature Recirculating Chillers
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Heat Removal (watts/BTUs): -20°C:1350/4610, -30°C:1250/4260, -40°C:1150/3920, -50°C:1000/3410, -60°C:880/3005, -70°C:550/1877
Temperature Range: -80° to 75°C
Reservoir: 5 liters
Compressor: 2 @1 hp
Controls: Deluxe Digital/RS-232
Control Stability: ±0.1°C (process dependent)
Pump, Centrifugal: 2-3gpm @ 22psi Max.
Air Cooled Condensor: Standard
Water Cooled Condensor: Requires 2-4gpm; 12°-22°C
Dimensions (WxDxH): 21x29x48in, 53x74x122cm
Weight: 390lbs, 177kg
Electrical 60Hz Option: 208 or 230V
Electrical 50Hz Option: 220V