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Specific Gravity Bottle Le Chatelier Class A 250mL
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LG-3543-100 $156.11  

Used to determine the specific gravity of sand, cement and other fine materials. Developed from ASTM C 188 and ASTM E 694. The body holds approximately 250mL. The oval bulb in the neck holds 17mL. Volume below the bulb is graduated from 0 to 1.0mL in 0.1mL subdivisions, with an additional 0.1 subdivision below the 0 and above the 1.0mL mark. The neck is graduated from 18 to 24mL in 0.1mL subdivisions above the bulb (white graduations). The stopper is number 13.

Reference No. ASTM C 188 and ASTM E 694

Capacity (mL): 250
Volume Tolerance (mL): 0.05