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Clear Mini-Vial w/Screw Cap 5.0mL
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LG-4394-108 $26.47  

Flat bottom Pyrex® glass vials are free standing; no racks or support systems required. Inner conical bottom eases retrieval of microliter volumes; the thick wall magnifies the interior of the vial. Includes open-style phenolic screw cap and PTFE faced silicone liner. Micro-vial is exceptionally sturdy, versatile and can be used in many microscale techniques including: Acetylation, Centrifugation, Air-Sensitive Reactions, Extractions, Flash Evaporation, Radio-Synthesis, Silylation, Magnetic Stirring and Sample Storage.

Total Capacity (mL): 5.0
Approx O.D. x Height (mm): 20 x 63
GPI Thread: 20-400

See LG-4341 & LG-4342 for replacement caps and septums.