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HEAT TAPE,FET-0.66,0.6IN BY 6'
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Especially designed for use where tapes are frequently installed and removed. Heating elements are precision ribbon type, insulated with glass braid and impregnated with tough pliable silicone rubber. Both supply leads are at the same end of the tape, wired to a twist lock for attachment to a heater cord. The other ends are joined and finished with a waterproof silicone rubber fitting. Temperature limit is 450° F

Double element heating tapes are only1/16" thick, yet they are unusually flexible, easy to handle, strong and durable. Supplied in the standard lengths listed below, complete with plug and cord. A variable transformer should be used to control temperature level and heat input.

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Width x Length ft.: 5/8" x 6
Wattage and Voltage: 120w-115v
Glas-Col Number: 103A FET0.66