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Explosion Protection Chamber for High Pressure NMR/EPR
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Acrylic tube system shields users by preventing debris from projecting sideways should a pressurized NMR or EPR tube fracture or explode. The chamber is used by securely suspending the sample during pressurization and in transport from the bench to the spectrometer. Placement over the magnet’s upper barrel allows for simple loading of the sample tube while the stopper ensures the lowering strings cannot fall into the spectrometer.
  • Helps prevent injury when performing high-pressure NMR or EPR experiments
  • One-size-fits-all design allows for simple set-up with all Varian/Agilent, JEOL, and Bruker spectrometers
  • Can withstand up to 500 bar when used in single barrel mode for Varian/Agilent & JEOL systems
  • Chamber also shields the user during transport and loading of the sample, unlike blast shields
  • Can withstand up to 1000 bar when configured for Bruker systems and 500 bar when configured for Varian/Agilent & JEOL systems
  • Leg array can be set to a wide or narrow stance to better fit your spectrometer

NOTE: Not for use in spinning experiments.

Fits tube size: 5mm
Outer Tube I.D.: 1.34" (34.04mm)
Inner Tube I.D.: 1.01" (25.65mm)