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PEEK Mass Multiplier Ring for V-NS Style Spinner
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  • Cost effective compared to the full VT version for sample changers
  • Allows a portion of the VT air to pass straight past the sample inside the spinner turbine therefore reducing VT gradients and micro sonic flutter due to a high VT flow
  • Includes high temperature external O-rings at the top and bottom for long life and a firm grip on the sample at top and bottom.
  • Can also be used for spinning experiments.

Description: Mass Multiplier Ring, PEEK, for all Bruker® or Agilent® (formerly Varian®)-NS Style Spinner Turbines with 1 or 2 O-Rings at the top

Note: PEEK fingers are supplied with the NS style Spinner Turbine. PTFE fingers can be ordered separately. Reminder: Two fingers are required per turbine. **The Mass Multiplier Ring is not included and can be purchased separately - application temperature does not apply.