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Q Band CFQ EPR Tube 100mm L Both Ends Open 10/Pk
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WG-221T $128.57  
EPR Tube

Q-band is the most popular frequency for pulsed and cw-EPR after X-band. The larger Zeeman splitting would benefit EPR studies by (1) improving SNR, (2) requiring less sample, (3) resolving individual components of the g-matrix, (4) disentangling spectra which overlap at X-band, and (5) changing the spectral
contribution interaction to field-independent interactions.Wilmad-LabGlass offers high quality EPR consumables to cover these high frequency applications.

Table 1: Impurity Analysis for Clear Fused Quartz (unit: ppm in weight)
 Al   Ca   Cr   Cu   Fe   K   Li   Mg   Mn   Na   Ti   Zr 
15  0.5  <0.05  <0.05  0.1  0.4  0.6  0.05  <0.05  0.3  1.1  0.7 

Table 2: Impurity Analysis for Suprasil Quartz (unit: ppm in weight)
 Al   Ca   Cr   Cu   Fe   K   Li   Mg   Mn   Na   Ti   Zr 
<0.05  <0.05  <0.05  <0.05  <0.05  <0.05  <0.05  <0.05  <0.05  <0.05  <0.05  <0.05 

For photochemistry studies, the cut-off wavelength is 265 nm for CFQ and 190 nm for Suprasil.

Length (mm): 100
O.D. (mm): 1.6
I.D. (mm): 1.1
Ends: Both ends open
Package Qty.: 10
Material: CFQ