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Spectroscopic Quality Aqueous Cell Suprasil
Product No. Price Each Quantity Action
WG-812-S-Q $1,580.97  

When the sample contains water, the electric dipole moment of the water molecule interacts with the E field in the resonator and a large amount of microwave energy is absorbed by the sample. Flat cells confine the sample to a 0.3 mm space to solve this issue. The hexagonal stems are available. The sample volume is 150 μl for all cells.

Wilmad uses "-Q" to designate quartzware using Suprasil® in the critical portions of the cell.

NOTE: Cell product numbers that include the letter "S" indicate that optically polished flat windows are joined to the polished wall ends via a special thermal fusion technique to form an ultra high precision bore flat cell. The two windows are parallel to each other within several visible light wave numbers. These items are recommended for EPR experiments that requires critical coupling.

Plate Material: Suprasil®
Flat Section Width (mm): 9.52
Flat Section Length (mm) : 60.0
Upper Tube ID X OD (mm): 5 x 7
Lower Tube ID X OD (mm): 1.5-2 x 7-9
Sample Volume (micro liters): 150
For: All TE 102 except JEOL®