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80% Glycol in DMSO-d6, 3 mm OD, 8" L, 600+ MHz
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WG-R-11-3 $172.79  

Wilmad NMR Reference Standards are packaged in ultra-high field precision tubes to guarantee their performance in experiments over 600 MHz. Each comes with a certificate of analysis.

Wilmad's NMR Reference Standards meet or exceed requirements set by NMR spectrometer manufacturers; many of whom include our standards with their instruments.

3 mm OD Reference Standards, 8" Length, 600+ MHz
image: warning imageWARNING: Reproductive Harm

Description: 80% glycol in DMSO-d6
Application: High Temperature Calibration

For individualized custom standards we suggest a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) method; here are the tools you'll need to get started:
(1) Tip-Off Manifold (to fit tube) and Constricted Tube info found here.
(2) Gas burner with a mini torch (found in most chemical and biological labs)
(3) HPLC grade solvent and chemicals
(4) Degassing vacuum system

We can supply manifold, tubes and vacuum system, for assistance please contact our Product Support Manager.