• Custom Glassware

    SP Wilmad-LabGlass has the experience and facilities to custom fabricate or modify glassware to meet your specific requirements.

    We specialize in customized:

             •  Customized NMR/EPR Tubes
             •  Chromatography Columns
             •  Condensers
             •  Distillation Apparatus
             •  Flasks
             •  Funnels
             •  Manifolds
             •  Reaction Vessels

    If possible, please provide us with a drawing or engineering print. On it, note all critical elements to aid us in the preparation of an accurate quotation.

    Depending on the glassware, some of the basic items to be considered are: 

             •  Type of Glass
             •  Capacity
             •  Length(s)
             •  Inside Diameter
             •  Outside Diameter
             •  Joint Size(s)
             •  Stopcock Size & Style

    Click Here for an example of the drawing.

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